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Diamonds have captured our imaginations for countless centuries and have spawned popular phrases like “diamonds are forever” and “diamonds are a girl’s best friend”. Their centrality in our culture is no surprise, particularly when the diamonds in question are of the highest calibre. These phrases are not just soulless words either, but while diamonds may not technically be forever, they will almost certainly outlast many generations. This makes them an investment that gives them a greater sense of meaning in terms of tradition and unity. Of course, their natural beauty also makes them the perfect accessory for any woman, no matter the type of jewellery.

Traditionally however, engagement rings have been the place for diamonds. Rings are often the most noticeable pieces of jewellery on a person because of the tendency that earrings and necklaces have to being inadvertently covered by clothing or hair. This makes it the perfect display of unity with somebody and can show the world the level of commitment and beauty that a relationship has taken on. Just as the diamonds themselves were forged in the furnace of the Earth’s crust billions of years ago, diamond engagement rings are meant to stand the test of time. It is perhaps fitting that they were born in a crucible of such passion and crystallised to form something near unbreakable. At Marlow’s we have a beautiful selection of diamonds that can truly be the highest quality diamonds available across a range of prices.

Diamonds must however find an accompaniment in the form of the ring into which they will be set. White gold engagement rings are a beauty unto themselves and can be an elegant change from tradition. Typically silver or perhaps platinum are the most frequent choices for engagement, but white gold is an increasingly popular alternative. It has a distinctive look and despite the name, can actually look tinted brown, pale yellow or even a pale rose colour. Rhodium plated options are more durable and will stand up to everyday wear a lot better.
White gold engagement rings can be the perfect setting for diamonds. The unique colours of this metal can really help to foreground the diamond and add a special look to your ring. Having the metal of the ring paler than the usual yellow associated with gold can complement the diamond in your ring far more, while still having the traditional look of an engagement ring.

Alternatively, we also stock platinum rings. These rings are the most durable when it comes to everyday wear simply because of the properties of the metal. Many high quality watchmakers make use of platinum because it never wears out or even tarnishes. This makes it one of the best options for engagement because it will last for decades without requiring much upkeep. With a textured patina surface, the metal can offer a counterpoint to the smooth perfection of a diamond. The price of platinum is however higher than that of normal gold, but with its properties, it may well be the metal that proves to be the better investment.

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