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Castor wheels are used to add extra functionality, i.e. mobility, to a huge range of different objects: suitcases, photocopiers, televisions etc. Essentially, any item, even heavy duty items, that need an element of mobility will benefit from the addition of castor wheels. As you might expect, there are challenges involved when making heavy duty items more mobile.

Firstly, different castor wheels are made from different materials. These different materials have different strengths. Casters can be constructed from everything from aluminium to rubber to nylon to plastic. A plastic wheel will not be as durable as an aluminium wheel, but will be more affordable to produce.

There are different kinds of castors too. There are rigid casters, swivel casters, and casters that break or lock. A swivel castor has a greater degree of mobility, i.e. it will be multi-directional, and casters that break or lock will offer an increased level of control.
When we’re talking about heavy duty items we’re talking about industrial objects like trucks, carts or anything with weighty loads. In general, heavy duty castors tend to be larger, i.e. with a greater diameter and width, so better able to bear weightier loads.

These heavy duty castors are classed according to the weights that they can bear. For instance, you can get castors in the 30000lbs category. When we’re talking about these kinds of wheels we’re not talking about the smaller wheels you’ll find on trolleys etc, and where talking about something much bigger and more capable of bearing heavy loads.

Modern castor wheels can punch above their weight in terms of the loads that they can bear. This is because they’re made from tough materials and are constructed to rigorous moderns standards.

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