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You will undoubtedly recognize casters, and they are a ubiquitous aspect of our modern world. They are little wheels that are added to various products to make them more mobile, essentially more functional. The invention of casters was relatively recent, 1876, however since then their usage has grown exponentially. These days, casters are available in a wide range of types and materials.


Different materials offer varying degrees of durability and strength. As such, the essential functionality of a caster can be adapted by using different materials. There are thousands of different types of casters out there, and they are made from a wide range of materials. You can get rubber wheels, nylon, aluminium and plastic. You might find plastic wheels on suitcases, metal wheels underneath furniture etc.
Various Types

As well as there being a wide range of materials available from which casters are made, there are also various types of casters available. Essentially, these can be categorized as follows: compound, double, single, un-driven. For example an “un-driven” wheel is a non powered wheel, i.e. like most casters.

Their Uses

Since their development in the late 19th century caster wheels have become a key aspect of industry. The reason for this is very simple, and the addition of a caster wheel allows heavy objects to be moved more easily. This is why you’ll find rubber wheels on everything from household furniture to office equipment.
Of course the wheel has been around for millennia. The caster, which is essentially a small wheel, is a more recent development, but it’s invention echoes the importance of the discovery of the wheel. Despite their simplicity, casters the modern world more mobile and more functional.

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