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If you want to make your money work harder in the casino, then there are a few things that we can do. In fact, there are three important tips when it comes to playing online casino for money.

Learning how to use casino deposit bonuses:
Deposit bonuses from the top casinos can be worth an absolute fortune, so it's worth using them correctly. This involves a player performing both a registration and a minimum cash deposit. The casino will then match this deposit by up to 500%, meaning that if you deposit £100 you'll have £600 to play with.

Now there's no point getting a deposit bonus without learning how to use it first. The idea is that you deposit some money into the casino, but only use your bonus money to play with. This makes your money work harder at the tables, because you get more chances and a better player advantage.

The best way of doing this is to use the bonus cash for practice and strategy simulation, then you use your own money after finding confidence in a game or system.

Play your money at 10% no matter what happens:

Casino chips are your best friend in the casino, the longer you have them the better. This is why we play casino chips at just 10%, it's one of the best ways to make your money go further at the tables. This also creates more chances and possibilities by reducing the potential speed of loss.
6ou'll have £100 to play with. Playing casino chips at 10% means that using these values, you must never enter a game with more than £10. It also means that you must never bet more than £1 on any individual bet. You are now left with a controlling system for your own money, something that reduces loss by around 40% and increases playing significantly.

Spread your money out:

Around 76% of casino players lose everything at the tables with no return, around half of these players repeat losing everything that same day. The problem is not knowing when to walk away, regardless of winning or losing your money. The golden rule for making your money work harder at the casino is to spread your chips. Set yourself a total playing amount, normally around 15% of your total casino account credit. The moment you have lost more than 15%, you must walk away for that particular day.

If you don't lose 15%, then you aim to increase your profits by the same amount.

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