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Although the education system around the world has been changing ever since its inception in order to fit in the societies needs, yet it has been changing at a much faster pace in the recent years. The sole reason for this change is advent of science and technology into our lives. Present era if of information technology, hence it is also influencing the education system. A new concept of e-learning has emerged that is being accepted by the masses around the world with a very vigorous spirit.

Today, there are e-learning courses in almost each and every field of education ranging from medical to IT and media studies to small vocational courses. This wide range of courses caters to the need of millions of people around the world. Through this piece of article I would throw some light on some of the best e-learning courses of different fields to help users to pick the best. Below is the list-

1. Sage 50 Accounts: If you are planning to step into the accounting and bookkeeping profession then this Sage 50 course will be the perfect e-learning course for you. The course has ample amount of study material in the syllabus that demands a rigorous study. After pursuing a course a person acquires sheer work skills to efficiently manage the finances and sales while and tracking the overall growth of a company. Pursuing this course opens doors for a fresher to clinch a job into the finance industry. It is one of the bestselling courses of sage and is considered as the best for stepping into finance world. 

2. Microsoft IT training: IT industry is booming and millions of students across the world are eyeing on it to take a plunge into it. Pursuing a Microsoft certified IT training course is one of the best ways to seek entry into the IT industry and pursue your career. Microsoft being a brand is entrusted not just by the users but also by the employers around the world. Hence, it is pursued by millions of students to get into the IT industry and by millions of IT professionals to upgrade their skills and get promotion by the virtue of the same. 

3. Adobe Photoshop training: The vast range of e-learning is not just limited to finance and IT but is also spread over the creative fields. Holding the statement true is the online Adobe Photoshop training course. Mostly those who are interested in still photography or graphics designing, purse this course. Through the course a user starting from the scratch advances to an expert level in editing images, creating graphics and enhancing them with creative effects. 

4. Business Management Courses: Business management studies have become a rage of today. Millions and millions of students pursue some or the other management studies courses to try their hand into management. Out of many online business management courses, Sage qualification in HR is very famous. It is a course that empowers students with sheer skills to manage the human resources effectively, with the help of softwares. Backed by the brand Sage, it is well recognized by employers throughout the world. Hence students who wish to take a plunge into HR management pursue this course with high expectations.

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