Assessing the Value of Castors in the Modern Day

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When we think of technology we probably think of sophisticated technology, computers, the motorcar etc. In reality, some of the most important tech is the most simple. Castor wheels fall into this category, they are simple and “analogue.” In a sense, however, they bear the weight of the modern world.

Quality castors make all the difference, and despite their simplicity are carefully engineered, durable and affordable.

What is a Castor?
A castor is essentially a small wheel. The wheel will turn on an axis and so add an element of mobility to a heavy item, piece of furniture etc. Castors are small wheels and so they don’t undermine the aesthetic of an object, however they do add an important layer of functionality and mobility.

Their Uses in the Modern Day

One of the most noticeable things about castors is their ubiquity in the modern day. They are commonly found in offices for example, underneath everything from photocopying machines, to chairs and offices desks. How else would you be able to move a heavy photocopier or printer, unless it’s on wheels?

In the home too, castor wheels are very common. Heavy pieces of furniture, sofas, tables etc can all be enhanced with wheels. You might worry that castor wheels, which are extremely functional, might affect the look of your furniture, however these wheels are very small, out-of-sight albeit durable and effective.
In fact, everywhere that you look you are bound to find objects with wheels. Why? It’s very simple, and the addition of wheels adds mobility, which improves everything from sofas to suitcases. It’s certainly interesting to note just how ubiquitous something as unassuming as a castor wheel has become.

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