Aluminium Castings need to be extremely resilient

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What are aluminium castings?
Aluminium casting is a process whereby molten metal is forced under high pressure into a mould. Aluminium casting is used because aluminium has lots of qualities which are suitable for the process. It is lightweight as well as being durable and it has high dimensional ability which is ideal for difficult shapes and thin walls. It also keeps its strength at very high temperatures. Since it is and ideal metal for casting, it has been used for many years. Items such as the baby rattle for the French emperorís sun and the teak kettle were produced by casting aluminium.
Where are aluminium castings most commonly used?
Aluminium castings are commonly used in the automotive industry. Cast aluminium transmission housings and pistons have been commonly used in cars and trucks for many years now all over the world. Indeed, many other engine parts also use aluminium castings and this looks set to grow as lots of manufacturers look for ways in which to save weight and gain energy during performance. Cast aluminium is also used in other automotive areas such as aircraft and marine structures.
Where is the best place to go for aluminium castings?
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