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The use of air source heat pumps is slowly becoming more common. Many individuals and businesses are realising the benefits of an air source heat pump system. They can be used to regulate the temperature in an entire building or in a single room.

The Basics of Air Source Heat Pumps
Air source heat pumps use the outside air as either a source of heat or as a heat sink. They work in a similar way to a large refrigerant system; a compressor and condenser are used to absorb heat from one area and expel it into another area. Air source heat pumps area simple, yet effective safe heat exchanger.

The Advantages of Air Source Heat Pumps

ASHPs or air source heat pumps have significant benefits over other systems used to heat or cool an environment. Unlike solar systems, they can work efficiently year-round and can even work in temperatures as low as -20° C. Even in these temperatures, they are capable of providing hot water.
One of the advantages of ASHPs is the fact that they provide more energy than they consume. In addition, they do so without generating CO2 emissions.

The fact they also have the ability to cool an environment means that they are ideal power sources in areas of the world where the climate varies widely. Installation of the system is easy, modern ASHPs take up relatively little space especially when compared to other heating or cooling systems. Unfortunately, there is one major drawback as installation of the system is still relatively expensive. However, it is a less expensive option than installing a ground source heat pump. It is also less disruptive because no excavation of land is needed in order to install an ASHP system.

The price of air source heat pumps continues to fall due to new technology leading to quicker manufacturing processes. This means that they are likely to be one of the key heating and cooling systems of the future.

To find out more about air source heat pumps or to find out if theyare suitable for you visit the REC Ltd website or call 0845 676 9303.

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