3 Tips to Accelerate Your French Learning

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French belongs to a group of languages called Romance. The others being Itlian and Spanish. Having their roots in latin so in essence if you were to know latin you'd have no problem learning any romance language.

Up until world war 2 French was seen as language of diplomacy and communication, though it has been superceeded by English, learning French still retains a positive position as being the second most taught language.

Fench is still an important langue in some important markets and being able to conduct a conversation in French will give you an significant advantage.

Why Learn French?

Many people would like to learn a second language, some don't because they don't have the time, or most likely they were completely scarred off because of their experiences of school!

Before you start your learning, its a good thing to write down your motivation, why is it important for you to learn French? In fact, if you were to come up with at least five reasons a day, you will establish deep roots of confidence that even the most ardent nay sayer could not tip over. This simple motivational method can really put you at ease.

Principle of Immersion

In class you can learn the vocabulary and grammar, etc., but rarely do youget to appreciate the culture of the language you are learning. The princile of emmersion is simple and straight forward method to multiplying your absorbtion of the language. Concentrating your time and energy to the learning process. So if you're learning in a group it makes learning much more fun and quicker to "pretend" you're all French speaking natives and converse in French, ok this will be difficult in the beginning, but it becomes easier when you do small things, like label items like the Television, table, and the bread, and the salt etc.,

Read books, magazines and websites that are in french, and when you don't know a word or phrase get out your French to English dictionary and that will help you recognise the word.

A really great way of absorbing French quickly is to watch your favorite DVD. The DVD must have French subtitles and dubbing. This way you can listen to the English and see how its words are in French and listen to French and see how its written in English!

Learning French Online

Language experts tell us that we have a unique or dominate style of learning. Some people are more inclined to be visual learns, some are better learners through their hearing/auditory seneses and while others prefer a more hands on approach. (Kinesthestic/feeeling).

Now experts also agree that by combining all three modes of learning you can absorb much more qucker and aboalll easier. In fact, it was the wise ofl chiense philosopher, confusiohon who said: "I hear, I forget; I see, I remember; I do, I understand.

There are lots of ways of learning a language through books, CD's and DVD...but these methods only correspond to one aspect of your learning ability.

Why not combine all your learning modes and absorb the language much more quicker?

There is a forth medium that does just that. A much more flexible approach that doesn't have to cost you an arm and a leg. I mean just consider the cost of a personal tutor or even a language class, where you aren't able to work at your own pace, but online learning you can do just that, there is no pressure, and you get to participate in the process of using all your sense hear, see, and do and absorb the language much more quicker and creatively.


You won't be an speaker of French instantly - that takes just a little effort, time patience and practicing with the right learning program. There's no real secret, although, it should be added if you aren't having fun, you aren't really learning.

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