Why You Need Phone Insurance More Than Ever

Computer Mobile Phones Why You Need Phone Insurance More Than Ever

Once upon a time, mobile phone insurance cover was something that was seen as a big waste of money. In many cases, the policies ended up costing as much as a new phone would have and many people would find that their home insurance policies would also cover damage or theft so long as the phone was in the house at the time.

However, things are changing. Phones are no longer just phones and are instead mini-computers that often have far more information on them than even our laptops, and in many cases can cost more too. This means that damage to a phone or theft will not just lead to frustration, but in many cases a huge financial burden.
As phones have been able to achieve more, the cost of phones has risen dramatically and now the cost of cheap mobile insurance will be a drop in the ocean compared to buying a new handset. Likewise, many home insurance policies have changed their rules on mobile cover, either removing it completely or demanding far more proof of where and how the accident or theft occurred.

There are also other factors to take into account. Even just a few years ago, mobile phone loss or theft would have simply left you without a piece of hardware. Today, with so much information stored on our phones, you may also find that you are without a huge amount of important information too. Therefore, today, most mobile phone insurance cover will offer free backup of your information to the cloud meaning that not only will you be able to quickly and easily replace the phone, but also all of the important information too, without others being able to access it.

The loss of a phone is more costly today than ever before. On top of this, cheap mobile insurance is easier to find and less costly, meaning that, no matter what phone you have or indeed how you use it, it will be more important than ever to ensure it is insured.

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