What are Managed Print Services?

Computer Computer Hardware What are Managed Print Services?

A managed print service manages the hardware firms need to carry out all of their print tasks. In many cases, this does not just mean photocopiers and fax machines. Increasingly, it means modern copiers that can make photocopies, send faxes, scan and send documents via e-mail.

Traditionally, most firms hire the hardware they use for these tasks and buy the consumables they need to run them on the open market. In addition, they sign a service contract, so are paying a monthly rental and maintenance fee and having to go out and buy consumables. A managed print service takes care of everything they provide the hardware, the maintenance and all of the consumables.

Is it Right For You?
Most firms, even small firms print, scan, fax or e-mail a lot of documents, so most use at least some specialist print hardware. This means that any size or type of firm could potentially benefit from signing a managed print service contract. The bigger the firm the bigger the benefit, but small firms can definitely benefit.

Most MPS providers will put together a plan that is tailored to the needs of each individual business. This means that a firm get the print hardware, support and consumables they need at a stable monthly price. This makes budgeting and cash flow much easier for firms. It saves firms the hassle of trawling the web looking for consumables and having to worry about maintaining their print hardware.

Access to Specialist Print Software

The best MPS (Managed Print Services) providers also offer help with print software. Because they work with print hardware all the time, they know about new innovations as they become available. They use this knowledge to help their customers to streamline their businesses and make them more secure.
A good example of this is print and scan management software. This relatively new software can scan a document for sensitive words in a document and alert a supervisor if someone trys to fax or copy sensitive documents. It can also control what each user can do. For example it can allow junior staff to make copies, but not fax or scan a document.

If you are interested in managed print services visit the BTS website. They have over 20 years experience and provide a bespoke service for each customer.

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