Using Wireframe Tools to Create Apps for Kids

Computer Computer Software Using Wireframe Tools to Create Apps for Kids

Instead of books, many parents are purchasing iPad apps for their children to help them learn. There are many benefits to creating apps for kids. This can be a great marketing tool, as apps often can be used alongside TV shows and other products aimed at children. As this is a new field, there is potential to create an original product however this can also prove to be a challenging experience. Some designers of apps are using wireframe tools to help them in this process. Wireframe tools can be used to draft a basic prototype of an app. There are some wireframe tools, which enable the users to simulate the apps they have created. This means designers can observe how end users will interact with their prototypes if they choose to conduct user testing.

What to Consider when Using Wireframe Tools

There are some important things that designers must consider when using a wireframe tool to draft apps for children. Firstly, many young children struggle to create precise gestures with their hands. This means that turning a page, or pressing a small button can be more challenging for children using touch screens than for adults. In apps aimed at adults, there are many complicated gestures that are used to perform basic commands. With wireframe tools, app designers can create prototypes that can be simulated for potential users. This means that with wireframe tools designers and other stakeholders can create prototypes, which they can use to get feedback on the usability and learnability of an application before any programming takes place. This may then save time and money, as mistakes can be avoided regarding usability.
Aiming Prototypes at Children

When sketching apps with wireframe tools, it is important to remember that the design should be aimed as much at children as at parents. Sketching an application that children will be able to use with little adult supervision means that the prototype will look more attractive to investors. Something else to consider when using wireframe tools is how children interact with apps that are currently on the market. Which controls work better for flicking between pages? Can children make precise or complicated gestures to control the screen? Do they accidentally touch interactive icons without meaning to? Are they aware if an element is interactive? All these aspects should be considered right from the first prototype that is created with a wireframe tool. It is often safer to follow the conventions of other products aimed at children to ensure that the finalized app will be easy for children to learn how to use. Once the interactive elements have been finalized, you can use other tools in addition to your wireframe tool to add more creative design elements.

Benefits of Wireframe Tools

Young children are a growing target audience for app creators. By creating a prototype with wireframe tools, designers can experiment with ideas, show their prototypes to target users for feedback and show their designs to investors. Once a prototype has been approved, this can then be used as a basis for developing the final application.
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