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With Christmas fast approaching and Apple gadgets always at the top of the hit list, we look at the option of an iPhone 4s or if you or your loved one already own one then one of the many iPhone 4/4s.

But what if like us, you couldn’t wait to see what Santa brings and already own an iPhone 4s? Well, there are plenty of accessories already out for this model…. (Especially battery which last longer than ever) perhaps may even suit the budget a bit better. Of course you want your battery to last all night long and you should not invest extra amount of money to purchase additional battery.

We all know how annoying it is when you just need to make one very quick two -second call to someone and your battery runs out. Damn it! Don’t be caught short stuck at your Xmas party. Here are some top tips for maintaining your battery life on your iPhone 4S.

*Keep your Phone updated- as with any new Apple product, a lot of updates are brought out to fix bugs that people complain about, so to make sure your phone is running the best it can, give it a weekly update. It’s surprisingly how quickly little issues can be fixed by a software update. Apple are usually very on the ball with this one.

*Check your settings- Personally when I am at home, I have no need at all for locations settings to be on- or to set the time zone. So have a good look through your settings as they are constantly using battery power searching for your gadget. Turning them all of when not required can really help keep your battery life going.

*Check your Brightness settings. I was out recently with a low battery and wanted to keep as much as I could. I wasn’t using the Phone so I turned the brightness levels right down- a great tip for holding on to that last little red bar whilst it is just sitting in your handbag or pocket.

*Turn off Push notifications- these are no good for when you have little battery power. Have a look through and turn off the ones you don’t need for the time being while your battery is low., you may not need to know the weather for example for a while.

*Other things to consider are: Turning off the Wi-Fi if you are not using it, disabling Vibrate if you do not require it, disable Siri and ‘raise to speak’ and set your phone to lock automatically, PLUS avoid using the phone to play music or search the web when the battery is low too.

Above idea’s are proven and trusted tips to improve the battery life of iPhone 4 & iPhone 4s. All these ideas above should help you preserve just enough battery power to call that cab to escape from the Christmas party! Merry Christmas!

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