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In today’s competitive world, it is extremely important to get the right education and what is more important is to be part of a good company that not only monetarily satisfies you, but also gives you the right kind of working atmosphere and job satisfaction. It goes without saying that the IT industry is the industry that can provide you with the colorful career that you have been dreaming of, right from your school days. If you are an aspirant and ambitious person, wanting to fly high in the world, STC Technologies is the solution and end of your entire search. We, at STC Technologies aim at providing the best education to students.

STC Technologies is a pioneer in the industry and is the only institute that offers the broadest training courses to its students. Being a veteran in the industry, we are very well aware of the markets today and the jobs that are in demand in the industry. Hence our students are provided with the right kind of courses based on the latest industry practices. STC Technologies also keeps in consideration the trends and issues of the industry and customizes its courses as per requirements. A general trend that we see today is IT companies spending lakhs of Rupees to train Freshers and recruit them in their companies. Our company therefore has come up with an innovative model of train and hire recruitment model. STC Technologies also is now becoming a part of mass campus hunts and are providing quality training to selection dropouts.

We are proud to say that STC Technologies today, addresses more than 240 clients spread all over India. We have been continuously employing the train and hire model concept. Our company is on a constant effort to improvise and provide better facilities and opportunities to its students. STC Technologies are now in an endeavor to recruit more than 3000 candidates this year across Tamil Nadu in order to meet the demands of their IT clients.
STC Technologies provides quality training to our students in software testing and education. We are the largest software testing Education Company that provides students with certification programs and not just courses. We believe in creating the best rapport with our students. This is because we believe in establishing interpersonal relations with our trainees.we are proud to see our students placed in the most prestigious companies and flying around with heads held high. STC Technologies see their students placed in companies like Cognizant, Wipro, HCL and many more. Visit
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