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Staffing software helps recruiting and staffing firms to organize the process of finding candidates and matching them to open jobs. Staffing firms are paid when a placement is made. So the more placements a staffing firm can make, the more profitable they are. It is a big part of the revenue equation, helping firms to keep their pipeline of talent full, and to efficiently match candidates to open positions.

There are several considerations to make when choosing a Staffing Software. Cost is always a factor, but sometimes investing a little more in your software can generate bigger returns than using a lower-end solution. Usability should be a big factor when making a decision. If the software isn’t easily adopted, it is not going to help a staffing firm improve their process. Recruiting and staffing firms should also be aware of any helpful integration the staffing software may have that compliment their business. Finally, having access to continued support can make one staffing software solution stand out above others.

Staffing software varies in cost from free to monthly fees. While free is always an attractive option, it may mean the software has limited features and support. More important than the cost of the software is how much your company will get out of its investment. A staffing software with advanced features, like email and social media integration, can bolster revenue, even if it costs more.
One factor that will help recruiting and staffing firms determine if the cost of their staffing software is worth the investment is software usability. While using new software usually requires a small learning curve, the staffing software should be user-friendly. A clean interface, intuitive design, and good naming conventions are a few factors in usability. In addition, available customizations and configurations help staffing software users get the most out of the application.

Firms who are looking at adopting a new staffing software usually have other applications in place that they use every day, like email, job boards, and back office software. To get the most out of their staffing software, firms should investigate whether or not the software integrates with the other systems they currently have in place. For example, if all of the recruiters at a staffing firm use Microsoft Outlook as their email client, they can benefit from a staffing software that integrates with Outlook so they do not have to learn a new email program.

Staffing software can be a big investment, and can help recruiting and staffing firms work exponentially faster to make more placements, increasing profit. Because it is such an integral part of a staffing business, it is important that it comes with excellent customer service and technical support. Should a firm run into a problem with their software, help solving the issue quickly will get business back on track, as to not waste any time or revenue.

Choosing a staffing software is an important decision. Researching cost, usability, integrations, and support options will help any staffing or recruiting firm make a great investment in their company.
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