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‘How to play the guitar?’, now doesn’t ask you to go to the guitar classes, religiously. You can learn it now in the free time you get between your busy and tight scheduled routine.

Enjoy learning guitar on your Apple’s smartphone with the latest iPhone application, ‘Strumify’. This iPhone app wants to teach people ‘How to play the guitar’, using device's microphone to listen to the playing and provide feedback. This is an app that will allure all the music lovers. It also teaches chords and progressions with ukulele and mandolin players.

Likewise, get valuable information like day length, sun rise & sun set, golden hour, twilight and many others about any particular place or area, on your smartphone.
‘SunPhos’ is an Android application, which allows you to get all the above information on your cell phone. The app graphically foretells sun path right from the dusk to dawn, on any day, at any place. Also, you can get information regarding which is or when is the golden hour, and know about twilight of any location on any given day.

All such apps give you different experience of using smartphones. They help you gain knowledge, information along with offering entertainment.

The smartphone market is flooded with such apps, which are being developed at Apple’s and Google’s apps store under iPhone application development and Android application development, respectively. There is always an “Android apps vs. iPhone apps” scenario in the smartphones market regarding amount, quality, variety, user-friendliness, benefits, security etc.

In the market of smartphones, Apple’s iPhone is the first phone that brought life into the world of mobile applications. It was followed by Android smartphones launched by Google in the year 2008. This launch was mentioned as the new horizon of smartphone’s competitive market.
If we talk about the number of Android applications, there are over 450,000 Android applications available on Google Play as of now. This number is of course going to multiply at a fast pace in the days coming.

The smartphone market is witnessing big competitions as well as comparisons between iPhone apps and Android apps.
Android applications have been criticized for security issues. There are few common accusations against Android apps that there are more viruses & malware apps in Google’s apps store than that of Apple’s Apps Stores.

Moreover, it has been observed that Apple’s iPhone apps access personal data without asking user’s permission the way it should be. While on the other hand, Android apps generally seek permission for accessing user’s personal data as well as phone features.

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