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    Slow PC or poor performance problem is perhaps the biggest and most common issues a PC user faces today. Though the problems and bugs, error in a PC are countless and more or less all of us must have experienced the problem, however this slow PC issue crowns among all. If a PC is performing very low we sometime think to replace the PC with a brand new one, however the performance issue with a brand new computer can also be seen easily nowadays. I have posted many times about this issue before as well and every time a new idea conjures in mind about slow PC problem. After all it’s a real headache for all of us who are using a PC. There are many PC fixes, many computer cleaner programs, windows itself has a great reservoir for tools and utilities, but the outcome many times a Slow and poor PC.

   Today I have not come with very new things about the slow PC issue but still want to share few things or fixes that can really help to improve performance of your PC.

   1.     Automatically search for network folders and printers- This is an option in tools menu under view tab in my computer (in XP). You need to uncheck this option if you are not using network and printers very often. Whenever you open an explorer in windows it looks for network and printer resources and it delays the process overall and takes huge amount of memory usage towards this. Resulting in it takes unusual time to open any explorer windows in your PC. You may save this time by simply unchecking this option. The complete path is- My computer-> Click on tools menu-> a new small windows appears-> you need to select second tab that is View-> Now under this view option you will find files and folder option. Just unselect this and click on OK and reboot your PC (Though reboot is not much required).

   2.     Unload startup items with reduce startup timeout time- Startup delay is again another big issue in all PCs. Just open the startup windows from msconfig command and select startup tab. Here uncheck all the items except any wireless connection if there is any else it won’t detect your wireless connection next time on reboot so just be aware of this. Also here you need to do one more important task which is to reduce startup delay timeout. Just select boot.ini from the listed tabs and locate Timeout which should be 30 by default. You may change it to 5 sec. This all will increase startup rate for sure and in turn reduces slow PC issue.

   3.     If you are severely affected by slow PC problem you can perform another step as well. To set windows settings at its best performance and this can be done easily by doing this-: Right click my computer-> Properties-> Select advance TAB-> Now in performance section click on settings for performance. Now it brings performance options. You can select Adjust for best performance out of two others. Here if you want you can increase virtual memory size as well, which I have experienced helps a lot to curb slow PC issue.
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