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   Slow PC or poor performance in a PC are now has become an integrated part of any PC today. It seems as if this problem has come pre-installed with all windows operating systems. In today’s date almost every single PC user more or less faces the slow PC or slow performance issue in his PC. I am also one of the affected users of slow PC issue and I have been trying for a quite long time to diagnose and eliminate the problem first in XP, and vista and now when Microsoft releases its newest operating system in the market. Although in windows 7 this issue is not that much integrated and certainly Microsoft has made the changes which improved performance issue in its newly launched operating system. However the with XP and certain versions of Vista the problem of poor performance, freezing was very high. This was also a reason troubleshooting became very common with these operating systems. With windows 7 Microsoft has made some structural changes in it and due to this new architecture this is less prone to the errors and performance has drastically improved.

    Troubles in a PC are of several of types, but the most prevalent one is slow PC problem. Generally all the PC users face the slow PC problems. Regardless of the great configuration, a PC slows down period of long time. The causes behind this like bad or corrupted drivers in your PC, registry errors, and an assortment of programs installed in the PC, huge number of junk files, temporary internet and windows temporary files and programs, disk is fragmented, needless folders, etc. number of times computer becomes slow due to few external and malicious attack like malware, viruses, and many other malicious entities. If you experience sudden performance fall down of your PC, it could be the result of some external attack or infection such as a virus attack. Many a times, problem with an operating system can also generate this slow PC issue. What you need to do as a safety measure is use protected browsing for all time so that you may stay put safe from infectious items such as virus and other malicious items in the PC.

   I would also like to discuss or share important information about the slow PC issue which is that there is no single common case making a PC slow but the factors are variety in numbers and bunches of reasons there that make a PC slow. So just removing one single cause generally does not make sense and nor it improves PC’s overall performance.
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