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   We provide software to regulate user activities in efficient manner without letting him know about its installation on your pc. Profitable key logger tool helps small scale to big organizations to monitor employee activities during their work time.

   Professional keystroke logger wizard captures screen snapshot of each online and offline application at regular time of interval and shows the, to authorized user in slide show format.

   Do you want to enhance security of your system without your monitoring and want to know what is done on your computer in your absence? If yes, then try keylogger softwares that will be set up to have full control over your computer and easily found out that what was going on your computer without your physically presence. It easily records every typed keystroke in an encrypted log files that can be viewed later as per user convenience. Best keystroke logger application monitors user activities including chat conversations, typed URL’s, documents, clipboard activities etc.

   Professional key board logger program records every performed user activities and captures screenshots at periodic intervals of time on your system. Best children internet protection software used to record secret chat conversation made to strangers or username or passwords typed on online sites like yahoo, hotmail, gmail etc. Professional computer monitoring tool easily generates report of user activities in encrypted log files either in html and txt file format and runs in invisible mode from certain installation files and folders.

   While using the keylogging software one can constantly keep an eye-watch on his system by easily restoring every previously typed character. Our professional key logger software works in the hidden mode by providing easy graphical user interface supported with major windows based environments like Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP.

   Keylogger software is a very useful tool to record user online and offline activities and captures screenshots at regular periodic intervals of time.
Internet security tool do not degrade your computer system performance while other applications are running on your system.

   Secure data tool is a password protected feature to prevent any outsider to leak any confidential data and change its configuration settings.
  Software quickly generates reports of user activities in html or txt file formats for future reference and user is not aware of the software installation.

   Software is hidden from Start menu, Add/Remove program, Task manager, Control panel and other installation files and folders in one click.

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