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Taking a text or an image to the next level is extremely easy, if it involves using Photoshop. Photoshop tools help in giving the image a 3D look and feel. If the images are not realistic, viewers loose their interest in it after a glance, while realistic images keep the viewers stuck. Shadow and reflection is one effect that makes this possible.

Everywhere we go our shadow follows and so does our reflection. It is the case with things. If this phenomenon is given to an image, it automatically becomes more natural and feels more innate. Even though this is usually applied on images, using this effect on a text can be innovative. While images can be made appealing, text is usually found to be boring. If a shadow and reflection effect is added to a text, it is made pleasing and interesting to read. A nice looking shadow behind a text and reflection below it can do the work. Ones the technique is known, the simple effect can be added to as many texts for a remarkable outcome. As long as you are familiar with the two concepts, making a text realistic is a simple task for you.

Below are some of the things that one should keep in mind before using a shadow and reflection effect on the text:
Creating a reflection of words like g and y is a little trickier. One should avoid usage of these words, if you are a novice.

The reflection has to be made a little smaller than the text size, to give it a more natural look.

When you make a shadow of a text and then print it, the background color in the text blocks the drop shadow and it appears to be of a different shade than the rest of the document. For this one must make sure that the background color is not a spot color but a CMYK. Another solution to this is that the file can be exported to PDF, which helps in flattening the transparency.

The document should have a white background, for the shadow to be clearly visible.
The process usually takes a while, because it involves two different processes. Usually the text is given a reflection first and then the shadow. These are the two elements on which a 3D image totally relies. Even though the shadows are usually in black and white, a colorful shadow can be used to give a particular text more attention. Reflection of an image can be used in water, glass, surface, etc. and a shadow of an image can be positioned either on the bottom, top, left, and right or even at the center of the image.

Ones that you have understood the basics of the effect, and got advanced knowledge of the Photoshop features and tools, you can amend the text and the layers in many different ways. The text along with the shadow and reflection effect can be giving a standing feel, and a moving look.

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