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Staffing and recruiting firms help companies find great employees. One of the most powerful tools in a recruiting firm’s arsenal is recruiting software. While not every staffing or recruiting firm uses recruiting software, those who do can work much faster, place more employees with more companies, in turn making a bigger profit.

There are several ways that recruiting software helps companies to work faster and be more productive. First, recruiting software organizes the hundreds and thousands of contacts staffing and recruiting firms acquire. Next, it makes advertising job openings quick and easy. Finally, recruiting software helps recruiters to quickly match job openings to candidates with the right skills and background. Without recruiting software, staffing and recruiting firms would spend much more time organizing enormous amounts of data, instead of presenting companies with great candidates that they want to hire.
On the most basic level, Recruiting Software organizes mountains of data. It helps recruiters sort through their contacts. Contacts can be the companies that recruiters help to find employees for, or the clients. Or, contacts can be people who would be attractive employees to potential employers, or candidates. Sometimes, clients and candidates can be interchangeable, especially when recruiting firms begin placing people at the executive level. Recruiting software ensures that contact information stay intact, and makes it easy for recruiters to search for exactly who they need based on key words, geographic information, by company name, and more.

Staffing and recruiting firms make money by finding a great candidate match for an open position. In order to find a great match, recruiters often need to search for people outside of the contacts they already have in their database. To do this, they post job openings on many different job boards to attract the right candidate. Manually posting jobs to lots of job boards is a task that does not require much skill, but takes up a lot of time. Recruiting software can take the bulk of job posting activities off of a recruiters plate. Through their recruiting software, recruiters can automatically broadcast the job openings they need to fill to many job boards at once. Often, this can be done with just a few clicks from the recruiting software, eliminating the need for recruiters to copy and paste job descriptions into the correct fields. Recruiting software helps recruiters to post jobs to job boards much faster, so they can begin working to find a great match right away.

Finally, recruiting software helps staffing and recruiting firms work faster by matching candidates to job openings. Recruiters can build up a huge database. Even if each candidate is organized by skill level or specialty, they can still have hundreds of records to go through. This would be a near impossible task to complete manually. Recruiting software cuts through the data quickly to match job openings with candidates who are an appropriate fit. A recruiter simply takes the job description, and adds any parameters such as key words, education, or pay scale, and does a quick search. The Recruiting Softwarequickly returns candidates who match the parameters. In just a few clicks, the recruiter has a few suitable candidates to present to their client.

Recruiting software is a powerful tool, and it’s capabilities can be far and wide. But even the most basic functions of organizing data, posting job openings to job boards, and searching for candidate matches can help staffing and recruiting firms to be exponentially more productive, and more profitable.

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