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There are some various versions from the PS3 Quad Dock Charger, for example there's one that is designed to charge four PS3 controllers and also at the same time frame. They've one which charges 4 Xbox controllers inside a handful of various designs. The model reviewed here only covers the PS3 controller.

A charger such as the PS3 Quad Dock Charger removes cables getting tangled also offers merely a single AC adapter that allows you to definitely charge your controllers without the sport console switched on. What's also nice concerning the dock charger, is it also acts just like a fashionable storage are a symbol of your PS3 controller. The system is largely made from plastic, not quite high design, but is effective, looks great and fits anywhere.

It is also great the way the two blue Leds flash towards the top of the dock when you are PS3 controllers are charging and there is additionally a red LED which illuminates in the connection point that makes it look great. I got myself the turbo fire controller following a large amount of researching because I had been searching for a bigger PS3 Wireless Controller so my hands wouldn't cramp, I'm delighted using the controller and all sorts of onpar GPS. Right now I'm using rechargeable AA batteries therefore it doesn't actually bother me, however can't utilize it using the Quad dock. When purchasing Quad Dock be sure to choose one produced by Sony there are plenty of rip offs available. Amazon has become the safest spot to buy.

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