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When it comes to creating engineering plans and drawings it is commonplace to use software to aid in the design and architecture process. This helps to ensure accuracy and precision and while the software is only a tool that needs to be used by skilled and competent engineers it can prove to be an invaluable tool. Engineering software uses can be as simple as document and email management or as complex as seismic analysis software.

Building design is a complex area and the modern building plan not only requires the addition of rooms and other major features, but the inclusion of wiring and pipe work diagrams too. Using software helps ensure that measurements and placements are precisely accurate which means that there is less chance of an error when the building work starts.

Building plans are not only used during the construction phase, although they will be referred to and followed carefully during this stage, but will be used to craft maintenance plans. They will also prove invaluable should any work be required at a later date. Many public buildings require a Building Information Model, or BIM, and engineering software can help to create one that is as accurate as will be needed.

There are other potential uses for a building plan too. They can be used to calculate and indicate soil/structure interaction and the software used by engineers enable work to be planned in both steel and concrete. When it comes to soil stability, it is possible for the software to analyse the stability of reinforced slopes, determine the amount and type of reinforcement that should be used, and assess any potential building damage that could be caused by the movement of surrounding soil and earth.

Engineering software can prove an invaluable asset to the modern engineer. It can help remove mistakes from the construction and maintenance processes, and it can help ensure that a safe and sound building is created during the planning stage. Oasys software creates and provides leading engineering software that has enjoyed use in numerous high profile projects including in the design of structures for the London 2012 Olympics.
Oasys Software is a specialist in authoring and providing high quality software, especially for use in engineering projects and by professional engineering teams.

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