Money for an old phone plus repsonsible recycling

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It can be frustrating being locked into a mobile phone contract. New models are coming out all the time and being saddled with something old and outdated is no fun at all, which is why more and more people are choosing to sell their mobile phone to fund a new one.

This doesn't have to involve a long and drawn out process trying to flog it to friends or family. No free ads or any messing around like that. Mobile phone recycling is big business and there are companies waiting to take those old handsets off people to either resell in developing countries or salvage for parts.

For anyone looking to sell their mobile phone the process is incredibly simple. They just need to find a recycling website and then they can get a quote. If they are happy with the price they can go ahead. A prepaid envelope is sent out and the phone can be sent back. A quick check to make sure it's in good condition and then payment is issued. It's as simple as that, which means cash fast to put towards a new phone.
It's great for the environment too. Mobile phones contain harmful toxic elements. On no account should they ever just be thrown away. They need to be disposed of responsibility. Plus parts can be reused, which saves on valuable raw materials in the production process of new handsets. It's a great system that benefits consumers and the planet alike.

So anyone getting fed up with their old phone can get cash for it and dispose of it in the right way. It's a win win situation. They'll end up with a shiny new phone and their old one will be put to good use. All it takes is a quick visit to a recycling website to do the right thing.

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