Migrating From Lotus Notes to MS Exchange Server

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.NSF to .PST converter is professional email migration software that helps in converting the Lotus Notes NSF files to MS Outlook PST files. It is a tool that is especially useful for the system administrators as it quickly converts the user mailboxes in Lotus Notes Domino Server to the user mailboxes in MS Exchange Server to facilitate their easy access through MS Outlook.

The reasons for using a NSF to PST conversion software can be many. It may be necessary if you do not have appropriate knowledge of Lotus Notes or are unable to organize the emails in Lotus Notes. The conversion also affords convenient offline accessibility of the emails, contacts and the other data. The software can automatically locate your NSF files and convert them completely with all their attachments and properties. The encrypted emails and attachments are also converted successfully.

The conversion software may also be required in case an organization wants to switch from Lotus Notes to MS Exchange Server. Microsoft has grown in the recent years to become a leader in the communications technology market. It has emerged as a vendor with the tools and applications to integrate communications and multiple media. The decreasing availability of Lotus Notes experts and the increasing availability of IT staff qualified and trained in MS solutions have also contributed to the trend of migrating from Lotus Notes to MS Exchange. Though this migration is a huge and expensive project, the organizations make the investment with an eye on the future growth opportunities and profits to be had by leveraging the existing MS solutions and optimally utilizing the MS products having complementary features.
Migration of the messaging system from the Lotus Notes to MS Exchange needs proficiency on both platforms. The migration should be a thoroughly planned project and executed efficiently so that there is minimum downtime, no loss of data and no risk to the security and integrity of the data. The steps to be taken involve firstly, define the infrastructure requirements for the new MS Exchange environment; then, chalk out a migration plan by listing the required resources, timeline, events and dependencies; run a small/pilot migration project to get an idea of the possible issues; execute the project; and finally, employ tools to administer the emails, collaboration & content for reliability and performance.

The precautions to be taken for a successful migration include the following:

     Keep a backup of the email data and test its accuracy by importing it back into the software that you are currently using and migrating from.

     Prepare the whole organization for the change by imparting adequate training to the employees on the new platform. All the required configurations and tools should be installed on the systems using the new email client.
     Deploy efficient email migration software that can carry out the conversion smoothly and easily. Test the software after installing it. Several such tools are available in the market and one should pick the most suitable one.

     Conduct a check to see whether the migration process has been successful and the data has successfully migrated between the platforms.

Visit: http://www.unistal.com/nsf-pst-conversion.html

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