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Laser printers have heralded a watershed in the level of quality available to both commercial and domestic homes in terms of quality. Typically laser printers have less of a chance of smudging or even producing prints that have graininess or blurriness that downgrades the quality of the print. Toner cartridges can reliably produce this level of quality for as long as they have toner still left in them, but for many the problems begin when they have to replace the cartridge.

 Some printers can have awkward release mechanisms but that isn't really the crux of the problem. Price is often the biggest shock many people find, since toner is often more expensive than deskjet offerings. Of course, this can be excused because of the reliability of these cartridges and the results they produce. However, when a black cartridge alone can cost around 100, what was once a reasonably priced printer starts to look like a very expensive investment. For any laser printer that is in regular use, toner investments will very quickly surpass the price of the printer.

HP laser toner ink cartridges provide some of the best quality on the market. However a Rainbow 4 pack can cost a staggering 500. This can result in many customers trying alternatives, even if the only alternative is an unproven compatible cartridge. Not every printer has a compatible version of the cartridge on the market, so only few printers may have alternatives. However, seeking them out and finding a reliable alternative that can assure quality could save you hundreds, even thousands over the year. There are a lot of compatible varieties of Brother printer cartridges available, however, which can allow you to reach the same level of quality for significantly less.
Even some compatible varieties can seem expensive, but when put next to the own brand, their price may seem more reasonable!

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