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Laser printers are the best among printers. It has a superior printing speed and quality. The only set-back is that it has more complicated method of operation. Before it can operate there must be proper electrical, electronic, and mechanical interaction. For that reason, coupled with wear and tear due to usage over time, laser printers need service repair from time to time. Listed below are the common problems associated with laser printers and the things that need checking or servicing.

•     No power – it is possible that the power supply is entirely dead. The things that need checking are the following: AC voltage, AC fuse, and AC line. If one of these things is damaged, replace it. If there is no problem with these items but still nothing happens when the power button is pressed, the printer’s power supply or control panel may need to be replaced.
•     Intermittent power – when printer power is inconsistent but not completely dead check the following items and repair or service them if they are defective: voltage of AC line, wiring and power connectors, and PC board supply. Overheating printers may also have this effect, let the printer rest for at least 30 minutes before printing again.
•     Poor quality fusing – if the toner can be smudged easily, maybe the fuser has failed to reach its proper temperature. Again check the wirings, power connectors, and AC voltage of heating lamp. In this case the fusing assembly or the heating lamp may need replacement, repair or servicing.
•     Too dark or to light print – it may be the result of contrast setting of the laser printer. If there is no problem with the contrast setting, there may be a problem with the high-voltage power supply.
•     It is always in warm-up mode – if there is power but you cannot print because it says “warm-up”, you need to check/repair or service the power supply or the control panel or both.
•     Beam related errors – the common errors which are related to laser beams are beam detection and lost beams. It is best to service or repair the optic parts of the printer or the scanning/laser assembly.
•     Blacked out pages –if this occurs, check the primary corona or the whole EP cartridge of the printer. The other malfunctioning parts may be the laser/scanning assembly or the beam-detector cable. These parts may need servicing or repair.
•     Faint print – the ink may be running low or the paper quality is poor. If these are not the problems, check the transfer corona, or drum ground.
•     Speckled print – the cleaning pad of the fusing roller may be dirty or needs replacement. Other possible causes of this error are the primary corona or voltage of power supply.
•     Some texts are distorted or missing – the toner may be almost empty. This error also appears when these is a misalignment of the laser/scanning unit, also check its mounting. In severe cases, the best option is replacement of the laser scanning assembly.

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Article By: Jessica Lacy

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