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People who are on the lookout for new printers might be considering getting the Kodak ESP 3.2. This is designed to be used by consumers rather than businesses, according to a PC Advisor article by Karl Hodge. The writer liked the device, awarding it four stars out of five.

About its appearance, he said: “[It] comes in a case that's very similar to the C310 - with an extra curve or two and a bit more of that trademark Kodak orange trim. Aside from that, the most noticeable difference is the graduation from manual buttons to touch screen goodness.”

He added: “You don't actually need to plug in the Kodak ESP 3.2 to a PC to set it up. You can install both ink cartridges (one colour, one black), load paper and print a test sheet without so much as connecting a USB cable.” This could well make changing the appropriate Kodak printer ink easier.
Mr Hodge also noted that the printer supports a range of connectivity options. For example, it’s possible to print from BlackBerrys, Androids, iPhones or tablets. People also have the option of using a memory card and they can connect it to their computers once they have installed the appropriate driver.

He went on to state: “Kodak's schtick over the past few years has been an insistence that they deliver the lowest total cost per page and low prices for replacement ink. You may pay a little more up front, but the Kodak ESP 3.2 produces prints on photo quality paper you'll be happy to bung straight into a frame. And over the lifetime of the printer it will cost you less than ostensibly ‘cheaper’ rivals.”

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