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The PS3 uses the SIXAXIS controller, and also the console is able to support as much as 7 wireless controllers simultaneously. Most PS3 games do not let a lot more than 4 players at any given time, but there are several game titles where you could do. Having fun with 6 of the friends on a single game is definitely an experience that you'd not need to overlook on. These controllers ship for anything between $30 - $50, and you will actually have a consider the new Dual Shock 3 controllers, that offer vibration movements too.

PlayStation Move
This has to be among the should have PS3 accessories of the year, because the Move is Sony's response to the Wii. You're going to get a PS3 Wireless Controller which looks like the Wii remote, and you'll will also get a PlayStation Eye webcam to trace the movements from the controller. Lots of games are now being released for that Move, which is definitely an accessory for that PS3 that you simply cannot lose out on.

Blu-Ray Remote
Probably the most endearing facts from the PS3 is it also works like a Blu-Ray player. If you prefer to watch movies online and videos of the format, then obtaining a universal Blu-Ray remote isn't this type of bad idea. There are lots of places where you can aquire a universal Blu-Ray remote that actually works on Bluetooth technology, which also is actually among the cool PS3 accessories that you need to own.

Wireless Keypad
This really is another extremely popular should have PS3 accessory, also it fulfills a number of roles. It's a mini keyboard that may be mounted on your PS3 Wireless Controller, however it doesn't interact with the controller by any means, because it works either on batteries or on Bluetooth connectivity using the console itself. The laptop keyboard can be used as inputting text at any time over time, and you will even switch the mode from the keyboard and convert it right into a trackpad. Which means that you should use the top of keyboard to maneuver your finger and at the same time move the cursor or even the pointer on screen in front of you.
Guitar Game Controllers
If you're a lover of guitar games around the PS3 like Guitar Hero games or Rock-band, you are able to consider investing in a guitar PS3 Wireless Controller. You are able to alter the appearance from the controller because you get customizable face plates, also it connects towards the console using a USB dongle. The most recent controller for that PS3 is incorporated in the form of a Gibson Les Paul guitar. You may also take a look at other guitar game controllers such as the Genericaster and also the Fender Stratocaster. They are more from the must-have PS3 accessories that you need to consider buying on your own.

Other useful accessories that you could you will want are the most useful HDMI cable for PS3, a storage device adapter (allowing you to connect a storage device owned by a Ps2 towards the PS3), the very best gaming headset for PS3, a Bluetooth mouse or keyboard, the very best wireless router for PS3, a PS3 Controller charging kit along with a bag for that PS3 console.

Many of these should have PS3 accessories will boost the functionality and also the portability of the console, and they'll allow you to enjoy all of the wonderful features from the console and also the top PS3 games 2010, much more. The PS3 may be the pinnacle of video gaming consoles today, which experience will simply improve as more accessories are developed and released in to the market.
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