Ink Cartridges
When it comes to running a printer, ink cartridges represent a significant proportion of the cost of doing so. If you choose your printer unwisely you can be changing your ink cartridges every two or three hundred pages or so. If each cartridge costs 12-20 you can end up spending a lot of money each month on ink cartridges. Therefore, when choosing a printer you need to find out the cost of replacement ink and how many pages you can print without having to replace the ink.

However, once you have bought your printer, there are steps you can take to reduce the cost of this significant overhead.
Tips for Buying Ink Cartridges

It is important to realise that the price of most cartridges is not fixed. Generally speaking, if you are prepared to shop around you can save yourself a considerable amount of money.

Look into buying generic cartridges for your printer rather than branded cartridges made by the manufacturer. If you have bought the very latest printer, finding generic cartridges may be difficult at first. However, within a couple of months of the new printer model being released generic cartridges will become available.

However, you should not simply buy the cheapest generic cartridges you find. Doublecheck to see how much ink is included in each cartridge. Sometimes extremely cheap cartridges contain only a fraction of the ink others do. This means buying them can actually work out to be a false economy.

It is important to buy your ink cartridges from a well-established stationery firm. Cartridges made from poor quality plastic or containing poor quality ink will also work out to be a false economy.

Where to Buy Ink Cartridges

By far the best place to find low-cost, good quality ink cartridges is the internet. Shopping online allows you to quickly shop around and find the best deal. In addition, you can sign up to be notified via email of special offers from many of the larger retailers. That way when there is a special offer on the cartridges you use you can buy several thus saving yourself even more money.

Big Pockets sells a huge range of ink cartridges at very competitive prices. They stock cartridges for most makes and models, even older ones.

Article By: Adam Nicolson

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