Improve your Internet Speed by using T1 Line

Computer Computer Hardware Improve your Internet Speed by using T1 Line

For those who fed up of using slow internet connection will happily accept this new T1 line allowing the fastest internet connection. T1 line uses wires to allow the customers to get access of both the internet connection as well as telephones. One can be able to continue the conversation on the phone along with surfing on the internet; you can also use VoIP along all. This technology is expensive, therefore it is used by the big companies where high bandwidth is required and a large number of employees have to work online.

T1 line provides a high speed internet connection which is approximately 1.544 Megabits per second. Although there are lots of other options on Internet connections like ISDN, DSL lines, cables and wireless devices etc are available in the market which are not fast. Also, there are more expensive options also available like OC3 or T3.

T1 line provides 24 channels to transmit voice and the whole bandwidth is divided among all through which each channel transmit 64kbps. This technique allows almost 80 users to simultaneously work online at the same time with in the same location. The number of users can vary according to the usage of the internet.
T1 line is the best for those who demand reliable and 24 hours available high speed internet connection. Also, the mid-size businesses that require high bandwidth for their company work should also opt this connection. One can also take T1/DSI circuits on rent from providers who provide high standard and good service.

In some circumstances, this service can be available cheaper, but if the location of your company is far away which will require a long circuit connection to join the line then it will be costly. Normally city locations do not face this problem.

The cables that are used in T1 lines are made up of fiber optics. A telephone is then used to transfer the data through a provider. The major advantage of using the T1 internet connection is facility of using both the internet and the telephone at the same time. Sometimes the speed gets slow down if all the time both phone and internet are in use simultaneously then you should need more bandwidth, so think of upgrading to T3 line.

There are six types of T1 line service available. These are: Fractional T1, Integrated T1, Point to Point T1, Frame Relay Service, Bonded T1 and Burstable T1. All have different features available which can be selected according to the requirement. If someone is really interested of using this service then contact to the provider of your area.
If your company has more than fifty employees only then you should need to switch your connection. If your company is small then you can able to manage your work by using broadband connection. But if you find problems while working in accessing the internet or struggling with slow speed then only think of switching the connection.

If you are interested to take the connection of T1 Line then whicht1 will thoroughly explain you about T1 service and also provide you the quotes with the comparison of T1 prices of each form of T1 connections.

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