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I'm in the market for a new computer system. OK, I admit it, I should not purchase a pre-packaged system and I should just build one myself. I've done it before and I haven't broken too many components in the process (or processor). However, I'd like to save some time and not spend days fumbling around with setting up BIOS settings, dealing with hardware incompatibility problems (plug & pray??), and testing and testing and testing each new component.

In other words, I just don't feel like putting together my own system anymore.

Believing the hype (ha!), I ventured forth towards the Internet, believing what the commercials kept telling me. The commercials kept saying I could build my own unique system, one that matches my personality and mine alone, one which only someone as nutty as I would actually want to put together. I wanted the Malek system, packed with memory and hard drive space. I wanted the system void of useless extra features and software packages that look great on marketing brochures but end up getting immediately erased.

Guess what? I couldn't find an online ordering system that did what I wanted. I tried some of the well-known companies (I won't mention names here to protect the guilty parties), I tried some local companies, and I tried some mail-order houses.

Nothing. Nada. Zippo. I couldn't find a custom configuration system that would create the Malek system.

What did I find? Confusion, JavaScript errors, poorly designed interfaces, and 'custom' configurations that looked strangely like the systems I could just go down to my local computer superstore and buy.

Needless to say I was quite a bit disappointed. I, however, wish to do something productive and not just rant about my experiences. Below I have offered several suggestions regarding what these configuration systems should not be doing. Perhaps some company will listen to these ideas and actually earn my business. And, perhaps, I may have to venture to http://www.pricewatch.com and build my system from scratch.
Here are my DON'Ts.

Don't force me to purchase three years of Internet access from such and such company. In fact, don't force me to choose any Internet service provider. What if I actually am using my new computer off the Internet? Or what if, though hard to believe, I already have an Internet service provider and have no plans to change?

Don't force me to purchase 'pre-bundled' software. Don't get me wrong; pre-bundled software is a great idea. With pre-bundled software, I don't have to spend time installing my operating system, reference software, and office programs. But what if I already have licenses for such software and plan on transferring the licenses to the new system? What if I want to use other software packages besides the ones you have provided? Come on; give me a choice to let me install my own software if I so desire.

Don't force me to purchase a sound card, graphics card, or any other type of device that comes on a card. Although this is great for beginners, some people may actually know how to take cards out of one machine and put them in another. Some people may have great graphics or sound cards in one machine and may want to just use them in their new system.

Don't force me to keep clicking an "Update Now" or "Update Price" button whenever I change an option. Why not use JavaScript to automatically update a price? I know the code isn't that complicated, and it would make it a lot easier for tinkering folks (like me) to build the system of their dreams. The easier the process, the happier the customer...

Don't force me to visit your physical storefront in order to put together my system. Your store may create a pleasurable shopping experience, but I would like to perform my system creation in the privacy of my own home. I've actually seen in-store kiosk computer configuration systems that were built with HTML and JavaScript... but I could not access those systems via the web. Sure, it may be nice to talk with a salesperson while I am configuring a system, but let me make that choice - don't do it for me by forcing me to enter your place of business again.

Don't force me to use multiple screens to put together my system. Using one ordering system, I had to choose my processor on one screen and the rest of my components on the next screen. After making my component selections, I decided to downgrade my processor. Thanks to this poor ordering system, I had to go back, re-choose my processor, and start my configuring all over again.

Don't let me assemble a system without offering assistance on the meanings of certain components, features, and services. Only one ordering system that I saw really tried to help the consumer. If it weren't for the fact that I could not remove certain cost-adding features from my configuration, I would have ordered on the spot. Oops... another lost customer.

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