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Hewlett Packard, or simply HP, is a dominant brand in the world of electronics and they have a major sale in computers and printers. HP printers are commonly seen in homes and offices, even their older models are still functional. However, from time to time, they need repair/service which is pretty natural in the life of a printer.

Basic Tips for HP Printer Service Repair

•     If you’re having problems with the printer but it still has power, the first step to take is doing a test print. If your printer is grabbing two or three sheets of paper at a time, check the moisture of the paper – if they are moist, chances are they would stick together. This situation could also bring other problems such as paper jams or torn paper inside the printer.
•     If you think that the toner is the problem – before doing anything else - turn off the printer and disconnect the power cable from the outlet. Open the printer’s front cover and check if there is a lock that covers the cartridge and unlock it before removing the cartridge. After removing, inspect if there are toner spills inside the printer. Also inspect the cartridge itself. Good cartridges do not show signs of leaked toner. Look for accumulated black dust at the bottom of the cartridge; this is a sign of leak. Leaking cartridge should be disposed immediately, it may do harm in your printer if you continue to use it.
•     Clean the interior of the printer, it should be free from dust or small pieces of paper. There are many available small vacuum cleaners that is intended for computers, even some of them are USB powered, it would be perfect if you use this one.
•     Check the alignment of the paper tray; be sure that its guides are in the proper place. Paper trays and its settings are essential; it ensures proper feeding of paper in the printer.
•     Another trick in repair/service of a printer is to restore it in its default settings. This is just a simple step but it sometimes fixes the printer malfunctions. After installation of a HP printer, there would be an HP Toolbox on your computer. Double click it, then click “device settings” and click “restore factory settings”. If you are asked for confirmation of restore, confirm it.
•     If the HP printer is frequently overheating, you may service/repair the problem by simply reducing the temperature of the fuser. Again, you have to find the HP toolbox button. You can do this by clicking the following buttons: start/windows icon > all programs > HP > HP toolbox. It would also be helpful if you create a desktop shortcut for this item. Next, click the following buttons: settings window > print pages mode > choose type of paper > fusing > less fusing > apply.
•     If the printed texts are misaligned or broken, you may adjust or calibrate its alignment. Just make sure you are not low on toner because this process consumes a little toner. On your HP toolbox, click the following: troubleshooting tab > Troubleshooting tools > Calibrate now. Just wait until the calibration is complete.
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