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Success does not come easy, especially in a world like today where a phenomenon like globalization has taken place. Each and every business in today’s world is operating with the help of computers and technology. Technology is available to each and every individual. Any new software or hardware is made available in the market and businesses adopt it immediately. This situation poses a serious question. In such situation how can a business gain a competitive edge against its competitors? The answer to this question is extremely very simple and straightforward and it is backup technology.

In today’s world if a business’s wishes to outperform its competitors it needs to set in a place a perfect backup system. A perfect backup system will ensure that the business never experiences a halt in its activities. There are several examples of businesses that did not have a backup system in place and when a disaster took place the business was unable to recover from it. However it is not possible to avoid disasters forever, at one point or another it will take place whether it is your business or your competitors. The critical question is which one of you is better equipped to bounce back from the disaster. If installing a backup system that is absolutely and completely reliable on the agenda then HP LTO3 backup tape, part number C7973A, is the best option.

Hewlett-Packard is one of the biggest brand names in the world of technology and then offers to their customers nothing but the best products. HP C7973A, LTO3 ultrium tape has a massive storage capacity, it can save 400 GB or raw data whereas 800 BG of compressed data. One of the best selling features of this tape is its ability to compress data. HP understands how important it is for businesses to store maximum amount of data in one tape. When people buy HP they know the products will have unmatchable levels of efficiency and HP LTO3 media tape does not disappoint its users. The tape has an impressive processing speed of 80 Megabytes’ per second and 160 Megabytes’ per second for compressed data.
The average life of HP C7973A, LTO3 tape is around 30 years. This means you can easily look at it as a long term investment made by the business. HP LTO3 tape is worth the money your business has spent because it was operate without any problem for as long as thirty years. Above all, the price of this lto3 tape is extremely very reasonably charged. HP targets the masses which is why it sets prices that are easily affordable by all and not just a few large business giants. Another option of HP LTO3 tape is backwards compatibility. This feature allows HP LTO3 tape to read data from older versions of Linear Tape Open technology and other LTO3 models. This lto3 tape serves as a complete backup storage package. It is extremely reliable, efficient and cost effective.

Rob Miller is the Marketing Manager of Tape4backup and markets LTO 3 media tape and HP C7973A. He has vast experience in the marketing and trading industries and has been helping buyers who have the backup needs and guide clients about the technology.

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