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Help desk services generally aim to provide assistance to online users facing difficulty in dealing with various aspects of information technology (IT). These services target both the staffs and students who have inquiries and requests. Help desk services can improve their services by understanding the needs of the clients and meeting their requirements.

One good thing about help desk service is that there is no fee required to avail for the services. Requests can be communication through electronic mails or by telephones calls. All of the queries gathered and entertained are recorded and monitored by the service provider. These records are important because it helps the providers to identify and evaluate the specific problems and assess its service performances. Every request is assigned with unique numbers so that there will be no biased issues. First come, first served basis is implemented in help desk services. Queries are resolved as soon as possible so the long waiting period is over. In the event that a request requires higher priority than others, then the Help desk needs to be advised so that it will be prioritized. Meanwhile, unresolved IT issues are being reported to a more expert staff. To ensure that no queries are left out, they are queued on the unique system devised by the provider. The queue length which is included in the Information Technology Services (ITS) indicates how complex a problem is and the time needed to come up with an innovative solution. Those requests considered service failure are escalated ahead of those that are in lower priority and impact.

On the part of the help desk service providers, they should create more accountable and efficient service and operations. To do these, they must take into consideration the importance of tracking customers’ calls, time consumed for the problem resolution, and the use of metrics. If done properly, solutions to IT problems can be as efficient and effective. Providers can also improve help desk services through the installations of tools that users can diagnose problems on hardware and software. As such, hardware failures should be easily resolved by purchasing new equipment. When repeated calls on printers are received, training for the users can be very helpful to the users. Another is the integration of web-based self service software in the business operation.
The help desk should monitor and analyze the current trend for the help desk usage. During peak seasons, the number of users making inquiries may double as compared to the usual number of clients. Additional staffs are assigned to work on graveyard shifts so that clients can seek for technical assistance anytime of the day. The Help desk should hire workers who are skilled in help desk. These recruits must be trained for customer service and technology. The help desk needs to define and meet the requirement of the users. Collecting feedbacks can also be a great help in evaluating services to increase efficiency and accuracy of the help desk services.

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