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Did you ever imagine regarding a bug free, clean and a fast computer that has no issue in it at all? We know if we keep out early days of a computer (I mean when we purchase a new brand computer or PC) it is easier said than done to think of such computer which in fact works great and at its optimum speed and performance. It has been more than twenty years now a PC has become well-liked among common pubic (In approx 1983, Microsoft announced the developing windows, a graphical user interface) for its operating system (DOS), which had shipped for IBM PC and well-suited computers since 1981.) From the time when a computer became a general machine there have been pros and corns that is maintaining it while using it was also an indispensable job with it.

   In the present day the state of affairs is entirely and radically changed, a computer became life now. We cannot perform or major tasks without taking help from a PC. All the major tasks in roughly every field are getting done with the help of computers and of course there have been thousands of changes in the computer if we thought of windows first release. Now with no much time taking I need to come to the conclusion that how do we make a PC clean or better in speed and performance, with and devoid of using a computer cleaner.

We can segregate a PC’s main constituents in three major parts now.
   1.     An Operating System (typically it is called Soul of a computer among experts like Linux, windows, MAC from apple etc).

   2.     Hardware parts or its peripherals (Very important and essential part with no alternative for this part).

   3.     Application programs part (All the other software excluding operating system comes under this grouping) like Ms Paint, windows media player, music gallery, word processor, database packages like my SQL, MS excel, oracle etc.

   This is very significant which among before mentioned points or parts have an effect on the most in a computer’s workings or which part dominates the most due to which a normal computer Slows down, becomes poor in performance or normally does not correctly and why do we need a computer cleaner. The most affected part in any computer machine is an Operating System. It is the part which gets affected the most and if this does not work properly we cannot hand round our main intention that is we cannot use any application software at all. If an operating system works well, half of our troubleshooting part ends right there and we can get any issue fixed quickly. So the core part that is an operating system needs to be intact and error free so that the other part won’t affect. However as I also mentioned before a hardware part is also an indispensable part of any system and there is no alternative of the same and no computer cleaner program would replace it in any situation.
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