HD night vision ip camera will spread

Computer Computer Hardware HD night vision ip camera will spread

Now with the progress of the telecommunications network bandwidth speed, triple-play and fiber-to-the-home speed up network bandwidth significantly improved than before. The decline in network costs and the improvement of the network environment, With these constraints the HD ip monitor product development network bandwidth be solved, the development of high-definition network surveillance system will greatly promote.

 In the previous ip monitor system, the network signal attenuation and instability in the transmission process, video distorted or delay is often the case, this situation has restricted the popularity of ip monitor, which is difficult to banks, power, military and transportation industries development. The challenge of high-definition monitor large amount of data on the network at the same time, the center of the processing capacity of the monitoring platform also made a huge challenge, it is now increasingly popular intelligent video surveillance, business functions, HD data mining, analysis, intelligence applications and other functions are SD Times do not have to achieve, so with the improvement of network environment, can provide a powerful high-definition intelligent analysis of HD network camera will become the first choice.
IP standard is not uniform in the various ip monitor manufacturers, are not mutually compatible, has been plagued by the development of the surveillance industry with GB/T28181 agreement released, several major manufacturers driven by the active participation of other manufacturers in the security industry to join, They are in the continuous improvement problems plagued monitor the development of the industry. Although we do not expect the development of the surveillance industry thanks to the twelve industry standards to solve all, but we see the dawn of the way forward, as long as the security industry manufacturers working together, we will be able to open the shackles of bondage development. The decoding of the client application has been restricting the development of high-definition network. Analog monitoring center in the back-end large-screen display, surveillance video does not require decoding can be directly on the TV wall, especially a large number of monitoring the needs of customers, the technology is mature matrix, due to the immaturity of the technology, the lack of a complete high-definition network matrix technology limits the development of high-definition network surveillance, analog surveillance has been dominated by the main monitoring market. Since 2009, the technology is mature network matrix products emerging in the market, but the true realization of network transmission, storage and management, and HD network camera compatible with different manufacturers few and far between. As once the constraints of the network matrix technology development has now become the driving force for development of IP surveillance, it will lead the ip monitor fast leaps and bounds.
As the security industry continues to develop, the market continues to expand and technology innovation, user demand for 24 hours day and night monitoring more and more routine monitoring products has been unable to meet the monitoring requirements at night, so the gradual emergence of the market low-light, infrared night vision ip cameras. With the array of infrared technology continues to mature, several major technical problems constraining the development of night vision HD: infrared lamp life, the focus offset, color cast, the infrared light absorption and reflection problems step-by-step improved. The development of technology and third-generation array infrared technology is gradually improving the quality of high-definition surveillance products.

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