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Printer ink is one of those funny products that you donít really expect to be expensive. It can therefore come as quite a shock that in order to refill a modern colour printer you may have to pay over £50 for the black ink alone. Adding colours to this can add upwards of £60 to this total! This can lead many consumers to wonder if there is an alternative that can match the same level of quality without potentially damaging the printer or producing bad prints. Nowhere is this more true than for customers who buy Canon printer ink cartridges.

Despite the guarantee of top quality these printer cartridges can be very expensive. There is often no way to tell how much ink is in the actual cartridge and once one cartridge runs out, the printer may refuse to print. These are all tactics in common use by many companies in the printer ink industry to get you to buy more ink than is absolutely necessary. This retrograde technology is a waste and the demand for alternatives has risen sharply, particularly with the economic downturn.

Canon printer cartridges are some of the best on the market, but many competitors offering compatible options are springing up who can give Canon a run for their money. This is because they not only offer comparative levels of quality at cheaper prices, but they also provide information such as how much ink is in the cartridges. Often, more ink is put in than you would ever hope to get from the printer brand cartridges. Neither does the printer stop working if the ink gets too low or one of the cartridges runs out. All in all, its seeming like a victory for consumer desire, but with printer companies dependent on ink to survive it might force the initial cost of printers up.
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