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If you’ve just come across this article, you are really lucky: we are going to share and discuss the latest global outsourcing trends with you. 2012 is predicted to be the hour of triumph for Indian providers who are supposed to begin the winning king-size central state work. From the political point of view this can be a real challenge, however it will bring the msg that there are no more sacred cows. Up-to-date EU with US models will bring the balance here, leveling the battlefield and competing with offshore pricing. This will leave a reflection on technology and support customer service centre.

Small outsourcing deals influence suppliers frequently

On account of the world-wide downturn the clients can’t put their deals off any longer, so the number of contracts will be increased in 2012-2013. This will also increase the number of renewing existing deals. As a result the following phenomenon will take place: an incredibly high number of accounts are going to change hands.

The wind of changes has overtaken outsourcing sector. And there are certain reasons for this. Large deals have almost disappeared from the market: these days there is a tendency to sign deals that are smaller (for example, short-term iPhone application development projects) and not so complex as they were a couple of years ago.

The secret of suppliers` margins raise

Clients had used to single digit profits more than traditional service providers; that is why there is a necessity to clear up the causes of both outsourcing and its changes.

Each software outsourcing company has always tried and is still trying to adapt to economic challenges and client demands. Extending, improving or undertaking new contracts requires right executive sign-off though. Contracts of our time rarely contain main capital expenditure demands that were a main reason for using players with deep pockets previously. But still tier one suppliers are adapting fast and have realized that there is no need in full compensation for their leverage plus scale benefits in a hardhearted way for them in any bidding situation. Higher margins are back.

Nowadays the price of sales for securing smaller contracts is quite higher proportionally; however such cost is easily affordable. But do the sourcing services at the market cost really lower? Now clients have to face new rules of “sourcing world”: you can’t get the best pricing for the small parcels of work any more. The power the clients had before is destroyed.

Outsourcing contractual liabilities are declining

There are also some other causes for current global appetite for sourcing sector. Firstly and mainly, poorer deals (those which are with no specialist legal) result in unenforceable, non-existent or reduced contractual liabilities. Among typical examples are:

  • Inability to set poor performance right;
  • “Secondary” attention to the protection of data;
  • Poor definition of exit responsibilities.

Suppliers want no more people with assets

Convenience sourcing is rather useful for the middle management as it gives expert solutions to existing problems with a minimal commitment under control of the client. Convenience sourcing has a short-term nature and this peculiarity makes “plug and play” substitution services possible where they are necessary. This brings double success for bigger suppliers: they gain high margins with not large deals. So today outsourced consumers are still securing good flexible deals.

More outsourcing trends of 2012

2012 will also bring new market specialists who will enter the market with software integrated solutions. This may result in reduction of business risks and costs. Moreover, we will be the witnesses of supplier consolidation along with new market entrant expansion. Finally, government of UK is supposed to introduce up-to-date model of equity ownership for large outsourcing contracts.

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