Five important factors in the Remote Software Deployment

Computer Computer Hardware Five important factors in the Remote Software Deployment

Remote Software deployment is one of the most important components of system administration. It is a difficult task but if we get it right its not impossible. The following are the important components which have to be kept in mind while trying to hit the nail regarding remote software deployment.
1.     One of the most important factors in this to know how to install the software remotely. If the installer is processing remotely on the other computer and suddenly comes up with a question; this will get hanged forever. This cannot be rectified even if a person is on the system at that point of time because of certain restrictions present in Windows with which he/she cannot click the button or respond in another way. We will not know is the installer is on a wait for a file or on a wait for some input. But there are few ways to get to know the silent option in any installer i.e. getting an MSI version or one can ask a developer who could have the documentation or one can search on Google for any silent installer or one can try out the trial and error method.
2.     Many of the installations need a reboot in order to replace the files which are already running. This normally happens when the users are using the system. Through the silent options which are explained above, one should know how to prevent reboots.
3.     There are times when the administrators face a problem known as double-hop problem. It is always better to stay aware of this problem. This occurs when the qualifications of one system are utilized to process the resources of another system which further tries to utilize them for processing resources of a third system. This becomes very complex and causes a lot of confusion, this basically happens if the installer runs in the absence of a primary security token. Windows gives an option called as secondary security tokens which allows the system to process all the resources of one system and prevents it from processing any system other than the first one.
4.     In the remote software deployment, if the installer does not have a silent option then its good to have a repackager. This program analyses how the installer is working and duplicates the same.
5.     And finally, one thing which has to be followed without fail is to test and re-test it in a closed environment before sending it to various users.
These five things have to be kept in mind in the process of remote software deployment. If its properly judged and utilized then it have many advantages for the users in the IT industry.

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