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For almost anyone, except the very lucky, running a home computer will throw up a problem of one kind or another at some stage. The issues may be hardware or software related, and can involve a degree of hassle. Now try to imagine domestic-sized computer problems magnified to the scale of a large company or organisation. This will help you get a sense of the challenges involved in maintaining a robust, stable enterprise-level IT infrastructure.

The most significant challenge is maintaining a steady flow of real-time data across the range of applications and systems that underpin an enterprise. For instance, in the area of fleet management managers and team leaders need to know that lorries are managing their scheduled journeys in a timely manner which is ultimately benefiting customers. For fleet management software to work at its best, therefore, the databases that support the front-end software must be able to hold large volumes of time-sensitive data, and deliver updates in milliseconds. Any delay in the data pipelines will give misleading impressions to both the lorry drivers on the road and the managers back at base.

To keep such applications finely tuned, application support is required on different orders of skill and magnitude compared to the home/office computer setup. Enterprise application support requires experienced professionals with deep knowledge of Oracle and/or SQL database systems, as well as of the custom applications which rely on the databases. Enterprise application support must be available around the clock, and to be able to solve problems rapidly and efficiently: Profit margins may well depend on the outcome of a support call.
Here at Interoute Application Management, an application support specialist with a proven track record in effective enterprise application support, we are used to dealing with just that kind of pressure, and delivering timely solutions to our clients.

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