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It seems that apps are getting weirder every day - but there is a certain coolness factor that goes along with it. Recently a student from Harvard was working on a mobile phone app that tries to influence your dreams. How does it work? Quite well apparently. The app allows you to specify how long you plan to sleep and in the time that it thinks you are in REM, it will begin to say certain words repeatedly. Some of these words might be “mountain” and “running”, but how it turns out is still up to your brain and is thus quite an interesting experience. I began to think about how I could prototype my own app ideas by using iOS wireframing software, to experiment with equally cool concepts.

Possible apps to prototype with wireframing software

I know that there are some types of wireframing software on the market that allow for iOS prototyping. I could use ones of these to design basic wireframes for my app concept and specify how the user will navigate and interact with the app. Many types of wireframing software enable users to specify where the buttons should be positioned on the user interface and some can even be used to create interactive prototypes. The possibilities of what you can prototype with wireframing software are endless. I always thought an app that helps you with ultimate frisbee might be cool - or one that teaches you math while you sleep. What’s great is that with wireframing software I can simulate my prototype once it has been created. If I can find a type of wireframing software that enables me to try out my app on my mobile phone, that can help me see whether the interactive elements of my prototype suit this type of hardware.
What should I do with wireframing software?

Wireframing software is a type of program that helps you draft the user interface of apps, websites or software applications. I usually refer to a wireframe as the basic blueprint of a user interface and it’s this blueprint that often forms the start of a project. Wireframes should show where the user can click and where elements such as images should be located. Some types of wireframing software allow for the creation of high-fidelity wireframes, whereas others are more adapted for the creation of a basic blueprint. A high-fidelity wireframe prototype can have the pictures, images, font details, and other elements that will appear in the final application, and a low-fidelity wireframe will include only the structure details without pictures or font details. There are of course, also some types of wireframing software for the creation of medium-fidelity mockups, which is perfect for those looking for a balance between the two.

Dreaming on

As far as I know, the dream app just seems like a cool app, but it can actually have psychological benefits - the article states that recurring nightmares could be minimized through this influencing app for example. Maybe my next app will be such a life changing one...perhaps I should just dream on...with wireframing software.
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