Downloading Shareware and Freeware from the Internet

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What is Shareware  Copyrighted software available for downloading on a free, limited trial basis; if you decide to use the software, you're expected to register and pay a small fee. By doing this, you become eligible for assistance and updates from the author.*

Some shareware has a time limit and the software will not work after the time limit has expired. Other types of shareware has no time limit, but does not have all the functions working until you purchase it. Still another type may be full function, but has an announcement or flash screen that will not go away until you purchase the software.

What is Freeware  A form of software distribution where the author retains copyright of the software, but makes the program available to others at no cost. Freeware is often distributed on bulletin boards, or through user groups. The program may not be resold or distributed by others for profit.**

These two types of software programs are available many places on the internet. They can be found through search engines, you may get them in your emails or they might be offered on a web site you are looking at. Wherever you find them, care must be taken to reduce your chances of downloading something that could cause problems on your computer. Also be sure and check for an agreement that may put you on a mailing list somewhere. If you start receiving emails that you did not ask for, you might have agreed to except them.

Be sure and check to see if what you are downloading, is compatible with your operating system. There will normally be somewhere on the download page, the computer requirements for their software to run correctly. If you have Windows XP, make sure the software is okay for your system, the older software will not be. Downloading from a reliable web site is very important. Unfortunately there is software out there that is not written correctly and can cause bad things to happen on your computer. If you download software and start seeing problems on your computer that were not there before, uninstall it right away.

The correct way to uninstall software is by going to your control panel, then add/remove programs, then highlight what you want to uninstall and click remove.

Here are some ways to know if you are downloading from a reliable web site. Tech TV is usually a good source for finding reliable web sites. Most of the Computer Magazines or publications will check the reliability of a web site that offers downloads, before they will recommend them. Here are three sites that I download from and have found to be pretty reliable.,, Keep in mind that no one is 100% correct all of the time, so if you get problems after downloading something, then get rid of it. Also it is very important to run all of your downloads through your antivirus program before you install them onto your computer. If you are not sure how to do that or you do not have a antivirus program, then you can contact me at I can show you where to get a good free one.

Good Luck, it is lots of fun downloading new things to try out and it allows you to get enjoyment out of your computer. After all if you are not using your computer to its fullest capabilities, then you are really missing out.

*(RE:Google) **(RE:Google)

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