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"Outsource"- this word is very popular in nowaday’s business . With increasing competitive market it’s becoming necessary to make the quality of all the products on the highest level. But every company has a limited range of competence and it’s means that they usually need to find services outside their companies. And this services you can get in outsourcing companies. Outsourcing is the process of contracting a business function to someone else. It is sometimes confused with offshoring, though a function may be outsourced without offshoring or vice versa.

Outsourcing companies usually propose a lot of services such as copywriting or IT-field services. The most widespread services are in the IT –field. Companies which don’t have enough competence in IT-field don’t want to waist their time by developing new IT-department or hiring new specialists. Companies usually order the services like outsource software developing, outsourcing software testing, quality testing and etc. IT-field includes development, maintenance and publication of software that are using any business model. The industry also includes software services, such as training, documentation, and consulting. The software can be worked for different purposes, in the three most common of which are to meet the specific needs of specific client / business (in the case of custom software), to meet the perceived need of a set of potential users (in the case of commercial and open source software), or for personal use.

Outsourcing software companies will provide your company with a full range of services for your software. These companies will make a development of your software, will test the quality, also can prevent or correct all errors or failures, and outsourcing companies can provide your company all errors or failures, and these companies can provide your company with consultation which are very important for supporting the quality of your software. Outsourcing is a new opportunity for succesful business.

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