Detailed interpretation:Integrated ip camera resolution applications drawbacks

Computer Computer Hardware Detailed interpretation:Integrated ip camera resolution applications drawbacks

In HD integrated ip camera gradually into the market at the same time, the integrated ip camera only cater to this trend, and continue to meet the HD monitoring needs of industry users, to long-term security road. Integrated ip camera monitoring a wider range, particularly suitable for all types of large-scale monitoring sites by configuring explosion-proof, waterproof, it can adapt to the harsh outdoor environment, such as high temperatures, rain and snow can solve high outdoor surveillance requirements.

 In addition, the integrated ip camera in the special environment has the same outstanding performance, there are currently dedicated to anti-corrosion of the biochemical environment integrated ip camera, integrated waterproof ip camera can be used for seabed, there has been developed in response to the outdoor hot weather heat functional integration of ip cameras. Optimism is expected to bring a more active monitoring experience to play with the advantage of fully integrated ip camera features, will give all types of security applications. More distinctive features of its intrinsic properties, the first auto-focus function makes the image very clear, fast and accurate real-time monitoring, especially in highway monitoring, vehicle speed, easy monitoring image blur streaking phenomenon, high quality integrated ip camera auto-focus image of the vehicle, and can achieve a good fixed focus effect, provide the ideal image of monitoring for road monitoring and traffic management.
Box ip Camera, Zoom ip Camera, Dome ip Camera, Speed Dome ip Camera type products mainly include security monitoring applications in the field of hd ip cameras. According to the survey, hd ip camera products, HD integrated ip camera models such technology is not yet universal, gun-type HD ip camera with the time of occurrence early maturity of the technology and the high cost advantage to occupy most of the low-end market and part of The high-end market, but many of its drawbacks should not be ignored.
The gun-type camera is mainly composed of two parts of the body and lens combination depends on the perfect body and lens with its high-performance implementations. Monitoring project, the If users or construction workers, professional and technical, the ptz ip camera lens with unreasonable, it will affect the camera performance. Security applications, the use of a manual focus lens, manual focus and rely on human eye visual inspection and manual adjustment of its inefficiency, unsatisfactory accuracy; addition, a gun-type this vulnerable, however, moisture, vibration, thermal expansion Lengsu and environmental factors such as interference prone in use for some time, the camera focus point offset and blurring the image, unstable, aging and other issues.
Due to the difference between the box ip camera image sensor target surface uneven and different lens focal length, the bolt back focus (after coke) adjustment techniques, has been the a fixed gun camera manufacturers need to focus on research and development of technology. Early back focus adjustment is the back focus adjustment ring after focus lock screw locking screw multiple adjustment very easy to damage the threads of the adjusting ring, affect coke stability; another way bevel self-locking adjustment institutions, usually with plastic material, coke out of focus in extreme environments may also be caused due to thermal expansion and contraction, etc.. In addition, some of the new method is more precise and reliable thread focusing mechanism and mold manufacturers put the cost will be more. Out of focus for the bolt used for a period of time after the user (or contractors) can usually only send technical personnel to the scene to deal with distribution far on the monitoring front-end in terms of network monitoring equipment, which will greatly enhance the monitoring and maintenance costs; and a small number of manufacturers are also added to the camera in electronic after-focus adjustment mechanism, but this is no doubt increase the cost of the camera.

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