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Data recovery services NYC takes care of recovery of data from any computer’s hard drive. There are various instances when the services can be called upon such as when the hard drive is damaged or formatted. There is also a special branch of computing known as computer forensics that deals with the complex processes of recovering valuable data from a system. The lost data is recovered in much of its original state. These services are also able to trace the data security path and confirm why the data was lost in the first place. Data recovery services NYC is offered by the specialists in the industry and they use special tools to identify the data. There are basically three types of data: archival data, active data and latent data.

But how do data recovery services NYC retrieve data from an undetectable hard drive? Basic Input Output System (BIOS) is a boot firmware that has been designed to be the initial code when a computer is switched on. Preliminary functions of the BIOS are to recognize and initialize the computer devices such as video card, hard drive and other related hardware. At times when the computer is switched on BIOS fails to detect some hardware components and they are unavailable to the hard drive. In such instances there are chances of serious data loss. If there has been a physical malfunction then the data recovery software might be used to resolve the issue.

The first task of BIOS when the computer is switched on is to execute Power on Self Test (POST). POST is stored on a hard drive using a fixed memory address. This POST is also responsible for gathering all data and other information from various hardware components including the hard drive. POST ensures that hardware in the computer is working adequately and minimum hardware that is required to boot a system (such as RAM, processor, main board and hard drive) is also working well. So, if the POST detects the hard drive structure having any hardware level damage then it may not detect the hard drive by itself. Such a computer malfunction may happen when the drive is damaged or there are certain problems with the logic board, disk controller or some other components. If you are facing such a problem it is advisable not to try any recovery tasks yourself as that may lead to permanent loss. Contact the data recovery services NYC immediately.
There are some reasons due to which the BIOS fail to recognize computer’s hard drive. Some such reasons are mentioned below:

•     You might have changed some of the BIOS settings such as access mode, boot sequence, etc. incorrectly. Your hard drive might not be able to configure these changes.
•     If the cable in the hard drive interface is damaged.
•     In instances when there are faults in the disk controller.
•     When jumper setting is incorrect.
Data recovery services NYC resolves such an issue with the help of their skilled and trained professionals in safe lab environment. There are advanced tools used in the process. Some steps taken to resolve the issue of undetectable hard drive are:

•     BIOS settings are changed to default.
•     Checking the disk controllers and jumper settings and making adjustments to them.
•     Checking whether the cables are in working condition or not.

So, next time you have a problem with undetectable hard drives contact a reputed data recovery services NYC and recover your lost data in quick time.

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