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Computer Computer Software Crop a Pic With Professional Help Only

There are many photo editing alternates that can be used to crop a pic. We take the help of both professional and non-professional versions to explain the procedure. Most editors are familiar with Pixlr, which has a blend of features like design and paint in its menu. It also has adjustment scales to make the entire process more authentic. It has an add end capacity to undo/redo, rotate and resize layers, change and makes contrast adjustments, control brightness, and also add effects in good measure. Several editors are used to working on Adobe Photoshop. But there is another similar program called Sumo Paint. Even this program is geared to do a commendable job of cropping. But before all this we need to know why cropping is done and how is it helpful to bring a better quality picture.

Why crop a pic?

There are several reasons, which make one crop a pic. The motive could range from removing unwanted objects to make the photo crisper. Cropping is also done to focus on a particular subject. Either way, an editor chooses to also resize it simultaneously. Both are tricks to make a final photo look more appealing. There is no one right method to execute cropping. An image-editing program has a sophisticated version of resizing. With constant exposure to similar jobs, the editor is able to stretch the dimensions of the digital image. Obviously a raster image will bring up the issue of distortion also. But right now we are only discussing the digital image cropping that is scalable. While a new editor is likely to contract the picture while resizing a veteran will try to crop it instead. This is because while contracting or expanding during resizing, the image gets altered. And it can be a costly mistake. Hence instead of contracting or expanding cropping ensures that the original quality is maintained. There is a crop tool in the image-editing program. It can be used for adjusting the resized image. Photoshop program has the right tool to crop a pic, correctly. Several logos, which appear on the websites, can be cropped to appear on all the pages without causing any problem in browsing large number of web pages.
There are other programs like Dreamweaver and also FrontPage, but the cropping tools are not very effective. Hence both resizing and cropping are best done in Photoshop. Several HTML pictures are done in this fashion. This is a mistake again that inexperienced editors make while making some web pages. The other problem that is incurred when HTML pictures are cropped, the download is painfully slow. The megabytes are just the same and there is no difference in the content even on a faster broadband connection. Hence it is best to crop the pic in a program that gives better results.

It is essential that the editor learns the basics of both resizing and cropping to understand how both the techniques can be applied. Cropping a pic is easy, but hard to discern when to do it.

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