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With the advancement in technology, the latest cell phones are introducing extensive series of phones with attractive technology. World’s top brands are offering these latest phones with such high prices that they are out of the affordability range of many customers who want to buy these latest phones.

The way-out to the customers’ desires is china phone. A China phone offers identical latest technology attributes as those of the other brands but at very cheap prices. These phones were contrived and designed for those consumers who desired to buy cell phones from world’s top most cell phone companies but they couldn’t buy them because these phones were very expensive.

The makers of china phones design and introduce the copies of those original cell phones which are very expensive, technologically advanced and have great demand in the market. There is a enormous market for china phones all over the world but the greater markets for these phones are in developing countries like India and Pakistan.
These phones accomplish the wants and desires of customers in emerging countries as the large-number of the inhabitants of these emerging countries is poor.

No doubt that china phone is cheap with up-to-date features in it; but the problem with these phones is their life cycle. These phones have low life cycle as compared to unique phones offered by the top cell phone corporations. Secondly; these phones are not sturdy as compared to others. Because of these reasons, china phones are still lacking behind the other cell phone brands.

Due to inflation the economy of entire world has been traumatized; everything is now expensive starting from clothes, cell phones, accessories, cars, laptops and many more. Due to this rise in inflation; people cannot acquire these expensive products.

However, an option is made available to them; which is to go for china brand for that commodity which they intend to purchase. China’s makers inspected and analyzed the want of the customers and came up with its own brands for clothes, crockery, automobiles, cell phones, laptops and the likes.
A China brand of any commodity is basically recognized for its two traits; inexpensive and up to date. However at the same time, a China brand is a replica of other known branded products. These Chinese brands are giving hard fight to the famous brands by presenting same commodities at cheap prices.

These replica brands have a immense demand in limited markets and also in other countries specially the developing countries. A China brand has a product life cycle of shorter period and satisfies the want of lower class and the lower middle class. These brands are aimed for the mass market concept and are in reasonable for most of the residents.

Due to the economical brands, other costly brands are feeling vulnerable by China. Chinese makers have almost penetrated into all major industries with the same the tactic and their chosen strategy is apparently working well for them.


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