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It’s being referred to as ‘The Appification of Everything’. Apps are now the main attraction in an internet world where we are always online, yet rarely sitting there at a desktop computer - unless we absolutely have to! When the internet started it was all about websites - static, individual websites. Experts estimate there are currently some 644 million active websites online as of Fall 2012. But, what we have with the advent of full-scale app development is starting to look like another revolution in the organization and presentation of information. As of Fall 2012, we just passed 1 billion smartphone users on the planet. So, this ‘appification’ is being brought about by 1 billion+ smartphone users who have created their own center of gravity in the web.
In 2013, ‘Mobility Rules’ will be the winning theme as mobile devices out-ship PCs by more than 2 to 1 and generate more revenue than PCs for the first time. 85 billion+ mobile apps will be downloaded in 2013, and mobile data network spending will exceed fixed data network spending for the first time. It has been said that only the really well-funded can make first-rate apps for a wide audience, but at -SD*we assure you this is far from accurate. We will give you a very affordable, first-rate app development experience as we already have hundreds of successful applications to our credit.
Imagine we actually have 10 years to ‘appify’ over 644+ million websites and you can see there will be huge demand and huge upsides for those who can truly deliver tomorrow’s apps today.
And this could be you. SD engineers want to facilitate the appification transformation as app making moves more into the hands of everyday ‘knowledge workers’ who can model what they know into useful bits of everyday functionality for ‘mobile data users’. Furthermore, it stands to reason that people will be willing to pay a modest remuneration for these useful tools through subscription or micropayment plans.
At  SD, our experience wins the day. When it comes to efficient mobile app development, the rest of the world may be ‘looking up from the bottom of the Grand Canyon,’ but the SD app development engineers can help you command the horizon. SD engineers can design apps that will engage gamers, or mobile data users, or business owners and can ensure that your users will get hooked from the first click.
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Article By: Raj Srivastav

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