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Can I ask you a question? Do you have some kind of emergency back up in place that protects your data from disaster in the future? Tape Storage is one option you could use, if you haven’t thought of this before what would happen to your sensitive data if systems crashes on site and you lost everything? If you had the foresight to invest in off site Tape Storage prior to the incident this wouldn’t be a problem. You’d still have access to vital files and be able to access important information because Tape Storage would provide you with a plan B.

Tape Storage isn’t a new service. Experts in Tape Disposal and storage have been operating for a number of years. They provide peace of mind for companies who rely on servers and need effective Tape Storage throughout the year.

How does Tape Storage work?
Basically all of your back up media is held off site at a Tape Storage centre. It doesn’t matter where your business is based it can use a Tape Storage facility in an entirely different location and have the reassurance of back up tape media ready to access in times of emergency.

Think of Tape Storage as a failsafe that ensures that no matter what happens to the data on your primary site you’ll always have a fallback. It doesn’t matter if your files are wiped out by a virus, affected by natural disaster, or simply lose them for a short amount of time Tape Disposal teams offer a proven Tape Storage solution so you can access folders away from your number one site.

Can you store any type of tape at a Tape Storage site?

Sure can! That’s the beauty of Tape Storage, it doesn’t matter what type of tapes you want to store, Tape Disposal and storage experts will keep them safe. Tape Storage is ideal for LTO, SDLT, DAT and hard drive storage. Plus off site facilities can also be used to store Beta tape, DVDs, 35mm or 16mm films in a secure, climate controlled Tape Storage site.
The aim of Tape Storage businesses is to protect your sensitive and valuable media. Dare you run the risk of leaving precious material on your primary site?

We buy our Tape Storage from because they offer the most competitive prices on backup tapes. They’ve also been giving us a great deal on our Tape Disposal requirements.

Article By: Tommy Wayne

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